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Humanized zebrafish enhance human hematopoietic stem cell survival and promote acute myeloid leukemia clonal diversity

Vinothkumar Rajan, Nicole Melong, Wing Hing Wong, Benjamin King, R. Spencer Tong, Nitin Mahajan, Daniel Gaston, Troy Dund, David Rittenberg, Graham Dellaire, Clinton JV Campbell, Todd Druley and Jason N Berman.

(2020) Haematologica

PMID: 21857359


Material properties of disulfide-crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels influence prostate cancer cell growth and metabolism

Nicky Tam, Dudley Chung, Samuel James Baldwin, Jeffrey R Simmons, Lingling Xu, Jan K Rainey, Graham Dellaire and John Frampton

(2020) Journal of Materials Chemistry B


Expression, purification, and refolding of diverse class IB hydrophobins

Calem Kenward, Kathleen L. Vergunst, David N. Langelaan

(2020) Protein Expression and Purification

PMID: 32866612


Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside-rich haskap berry administration suppresses carcinogen-induced lung tumorigenesis in A/JCr Mice

Madumani Amararathna, David W Hoskin, HP Vasantha Rupasinghe

(2020) Molecules

PMID: 32842605


Myeloid-derived suppressor cell depletion therapy targets IL-17A-expressing mammary carcinomas

Bassel Dawod, Jinghua Liu, Simon Gebremeskel, Chi Yan, Antonia Sappong, Brent Johnston, David W Hoskin, Jean S Marshall, Jun Wang

(2020) Sci Rep

PMID: 32770025


Anti-cancer potential of cannabinoids, terpenes and Flavonoids present in cannabis

Tomko, AM, Whynot, EG, Ellis, LD, Dupre, DJ

(2020) Cancers

PMID: 32708138


Repurposing CD8+T cell Immunity against SARS-CoV-2 for cancer immunotherapy: a positive aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Gujar, S., Pol, JG., Kim, Y., Kroemer, G

(2020) OncoImmunology


PML Isoform Expression and DNA Break Location Relative to PML Nuclear Bodies Impacts the Efficiency of Homologous Recombination

Kathleen M Attwood, Jayme Salsman, Dudley Chung, Sabateeshan Mathavarajah, Carter Van Iderstine, Graham Dellaire

(2020) Biochem Cell Biol

PMID: 31671275


Regulation of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition by Alternative Translation Initiation Mechanisms and its Implications for Cancer Metastasis

Amit Bera, Stephen M Lewis

(2020) Int J Mol Sci

PMID: 32517298


An Exploration of the Impact of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of Insomnia (CBT-I) on Perceived Cognitive Impairment in Breast Cancer

N Walsh, S Garland, R Lester, J McCarthy, K Laing

(2020) Sleep


Exploring the Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) on Daytime Productivity in Survivors of Breast Cancer

J Kiely, N Walsh, J McCarthy, E Powell, SN Garland

(2020) Sleep


Cellular Stress Orchestrates the Localization of hnRNP H to Stress Granules

Michael L Wall, Amit Bera, Florence K Wong, Stephen M Lewis

(2020) Exp Cell Res

PMID: 32473225


Anthocyanin-rich Haskap (Lonicera Caerulea L.) Berry Extracts Reduce Nitrosamine-Induced DNA Damage in Human Normal Lung Epithelial Cells in Vitro

M Amararathna, DW Hoskin, HP Vasantha Rupasinghe

(2020) Food and Chemical Toxicology

PMID: 32413456


The experiences of young adults living with metastatic/advanced cancer: A scoping Review

Drake, EK and Urquhart, R

J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol

PMID: 31692403


Singh, P., Zeng, X., Chen, X., Yang, Y., Chen, Y., Cui, S., Carrier, A., Oakes, K., Luan, T., Zhang, X.

Quantitation of polymeric-microneedle-delivered HA15 in tissues using liquid chromatography-tandem

mass spectrometry

(2020) Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 185, art. no. 113230.


Giacomantonio, M.A., Sterea, A.M., Kim, Y., Paulo, J.A., Clements, D.R., Kennedy, B.E., Bydoun,

M.J., Shi, G., Waisman, D.M., Gygi, S.P., Giacomantonio, C.A., Murphy, J.P., Gujar, S.

Quantitative Proteome Responses to Oncolytic Reovirus in GM-CSF-and M-CSF-Differentiated Bone

Marrow-Derived Cells

(2020) Journal of Proteome Research, 19 (2), pp. 708-718.

PMID: 31884793


Slade, L., Biswas, D., Ihionu, F., El Hiani, Y., Kienesberger, P.C., Pulinilkunnil, T.

A lysosome independent role for TFEB in activating DNA repair and inhibiting apoptosis in breast

cancer cells

(2020) Biochemical Journal, 477 (1), pp. 137-160.

PMID: 31820786


Chen, Y., Yang, Y., Xian, Y., Singh, P., Feng, J., Cui, S., Carrier, A., Oakes, K., Luan, T., Zhang, X.

Multifunctional Graphene-Oxide-Reinforced Dissolvable Polymeric Microneedles for Transdermal

Drug Delivery

(2020) ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12 (1), pp. 352-360.  


Konda, P., Murphy, J.P., Gujar, S.

Improving MHC-I ligand identification by incorporating targeted searches of mass spectrometry data

(2020) Methods in Molecular Biology, 2120, pp. 161-171.

PMID: 32124318


Kennedy, B.E., Sadek, M., Elnenaei, M.O., Reiman, A., Gujar, S.A.

Targeting NAD+ Synthesis to Potentiate CD38-Based Immunotherapy of Multiple Myeloma

(2020) Trends in Cancer, 6 (1), pp. 9-12.

PMID: 31952784


Portales-Cervantes, L., Crump, O.M., Dada, S., Liwski, C.R., Gotovina, J., Haidl, I.D., Marshall, J.S.

IL-4 enhances interferon production by virus-infected human mast cells

(2020) Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology,

PMID: 32112794


Sterea, A.M., El Hiani, Y.

The Role of Mitochondrial Calcium Signaling in the Pathophysiology of Cancer Cells

(2020) Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 1131, pp. 747-770.

PMID: 31646533


Arias, M., Haney, E.F., Hilchie, A.L., Corcoran, J.A., Hyndman, M.E., Hancock, R.E.W., Vogel, H.J.

Selective anticancer activity of synthetic peptides derived from the host defence peptide tritrpticin

(2020) Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, art. no. 183228

PMID: 32126228


Kennedy, B.E., Sadek, M., Gujar, S.A.

Targeted Metabolic Reprogramming to Improve the Efficacy of Oncolytic Virus Therapy

(2020) Molecular Therapy

PMID: 32243836


Guisier, F., Barros-Filho, M.C., Rock, L.D., Strachan-Whaley, M., Marshall, E.A., Dellaire, G., Lam,


Janus or Hydra: The Many Faces of T Helper Cells in the Human Tumour Microenvironment

(2020) Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 1224, pp. 35-51

PMID: 32036603


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