• Research

Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute members are involved in studies that span all aspects of cancer research including basic, clinical and the broad category of population health research. By balancing our research efforts across these expansive areas, we are addressing the immediate needs of cancer patients and their families, while making discoveries that will change how we detect, diagnose, treat and cure cancer in the future.

There are more than 300 types of cancer, each with its own mysteries to solve and challenges to address. To help unravel these mysteries, the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute:

  • Fosters a vibrant, well-coordinated cancer research effort in Atlantic Canada,
  • Brings researchers from many disciplines together, creating powerful team efforts,
  • Promotes research that is competitive at the national and international level,
  • Builds upon a foundation of mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration between all members of our cancer research community, developing strong interdisciplinary research and
  • Provides funding support to members through trainee and investigator award competitions. 

Thanks to research, cancer patients are surviving longer, living better and are often cured. Explore our website to learn more about our researchers and areas of research.


Dr. Marya Ahmed, MSc, PhD
Dr. Eric P. Allain, PhD
Dr. Stephen L. Bearne, Ph.D., M.D.C.M.
Dr. Karen Bedard, PhD
Dr. Thomas J. Belbin, PhD
Dr. Touati Benoukraf, PhD
Dr. Mark D. Berry, PhD
Dr. Michael Bezuhly, MD, MSc, SM, FRCSC, FAAP
Dr. Alamelu (Dharini) Bharadwaj, Ph.D.
Dr. Jeanette Boudreau, PhD
Dr. Kimberly Brewer, PhD
Dr. Keith R. Brunt, PhD
Dr. David Busolo, RN PhD
Dr. Amanda Caissie MD, PhD, FRCPC
Dr. Christine T. Chambers, PhD, RPsych, Clinical Psychology
Dr. Carlie Charron, PhD
Dr. Zhenyu Cheng, PhD
Dr. Sherri L. Christian, PhD
Dr. David Michael Conrad, BSc, MD, PhD, FRCPC (Hematological Pathology)
Dr. Melanie Coombs, PhD