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Through the power of partnerships, the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute is able to offer supports to both students and researchers who are members of the Institute provide financial support for Institute awards.

We thank our over 100 members who have served on Scientific Review Committees. These opportunities would not be possible without their generous time.  BHCRI also offers senior graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to serve on committees as observers and Scientific Officers, gaining valuable skills and knowledge of the peer review system. The role of SO is particularly valuable and important, as it is the responsibility of the SO to capture the overall discussion of each application under review.

Special thanks to our CRTP Fellows who have served as SO:

Helmi Alfarra

Brett Duguay

Wasu Fernando

Smitha George

Naimeh Jafari

Barry Kennedy

Sina Maziani

Smriti Srivastava

Marie-Laurence Tremblay

Karla Valenzuela

Jaime Wertman

Megan Whaley

Deepak Chauhan (SO in training)

Peijia Jiang (SO in training)


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Studentship/Internship Awards:  

Studentship Awards