2023-2028 Strategic Plan

  • 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

The Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute is dedicated to research excellence and innovation.

Our vision: To foster and support world class cancer research in Atlantic Canada

Our mission: To advance cancer research through a network of researchers and stakeholders who support Atlantic Canadian cancer research excellence, innovation, and training.

2023-2028 BHCRI Strategic Plan


Implementation Committee

Jeanette Boudreau, BHCRI Scientific Director

Marya Ahmed, Assistant Scientific Director, Prince Edward Island

Sherri Christian, Assistant Scientific Director, Newfoundland and Labrador

Scott Grandy, Chair, BHCRI Training Committee

Stephen Lewis, Chair, Management Advisory Council

Carla Ross, BHCRI Executive Director and Chair, BHCRI Communications Committee

Sandra Turcotte, Assistant Scientific Director, New Brunswick

Robin Urquhart, Chair, BHCRI Research Committee


Ever wonder about the story behind the BHCRI logo? After a number of logos suggested by a website designer were rejected by the BHCRI working group (back in 2009), honorary members Louise Parker and Mark Bernstein came up with one. The logo, comprised of gold and burgundy blocks, represents a ubiquitous 2D barcode that encompasses both cutting edge technology and everyday life, and stands for the complexity of scientific data relating to cancer research.

To coincide with the new strategic plan, we undertook a refresh of the logo. It’s also now a functioning QR code and will lead you back to BHCRI’s website.

BHCRI trainees and members are encouraged to include the BHCRI logo on their presentations.