• Funding

Core funding for the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute comes from the Cameron Endowment Fund. Through the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation’s (DMRF) careful stewardship, this fund generates $500,000 or more each year in perpetuity, in support of cancer research in Atlantic Canada. Further ongoing funding to support the BHCRI comes from other local endowment funds that are administered by the DMRF and Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine, as well as from within national grants administered by the BHCRI.

The BHCRI is dedicated to maintaining a small and efficient structure (only two staff in addition to the part-time Scientific Director) and channeling the maximum funding to benefit researchers and trainees. In addition to the DMRF and the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine, actual research funds are provided by an array of partners. We are also pleased to receive financial support from local organizations such as the CIBC. Overall, our costs in raising funds for cancer research and putting them into action in the most effective way are less than 20 cents of each dollar contributed.

This stable and increasing funding base and trainee support has enabled Dalhousie University to recruit and support world-class cancer researchers and is now beginning to benefit other institutions in Atlantic Canada. Our cancer researchers, in turn, have obtained millions of dollars in funding from outside granting agencies. These include the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation.