Cancer Genomics – From Bench to Personalized Medicine

Cancer Genomics – From Bench to Personalized Medicine  Cancer Genomics – From Bench to Personalized Medicine, by two BHCRI Senior Scientists, Dr. Graham Dellaire and Dr. Jason N Berman, along with Dr. Robert J. Arceci, is available on Amazon and may be of interest to members of the Cancer Research Training Program.   Cancer Genomics addresses how recent technological … Read more

BHCRI Releases Report to the Community

Recent BHCRI Developments Please take the time to download the BHCRI Report to the Community by using the link below. This report highlights some important developments for BHCRI and represents a great snap shot of the Institute. Remember, BHCRI exists to support cancer research in our region, help make connections and provide everyone … Read more

Molecular tools and novel approaches

Many of our researchers are using advanced molecular tools to dissect out the mechanisms that cause cancer. Sometimes that involves organisms that are far from human, which because of their simplicity allow us to answer questions that may be too complex in our own species. In an exciting new approach here, we see the embryo … Read more

Biomarkers of disease

One of the most important areas of emphasis for cancer researchers is identifying markers of disease that can be used for detection of cancer or to track how the patient is progressing. We have several teams of researchers engaged on this challenge, which include the clinicians who are dealing with patient diagnosis and treatment as … Read more

Cancer risk and prevention

Research does not only involve finding new ways to treat disease, but also discovering how we can best prevent cancer occurring in the first place. The picture shows researchers involved in the Atlantic Path Research Network, a landmark study led by Dr Louise Parker (Canadian Cancer Society Chair in Population Cancer Research) that aims to … Read more

Understanding the cancer environment

The problem with cancer is not only that the cells have ‘gone rogue’ and are misbehaving. The abnormal environment in cancer tissues also gives the cancer an advantage in surviving and becoming more aggressive toward the patient. Several of our researchers are focused on the role of the tumour microenvironment in favouring tumour growth and … Read more