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  • The Jen Johnston Prize for Research Excellence

The Jen Johnston Prize for Research Excellence

The Jen Johnston Prize will recognize excellence in trainee research with the aim of encouraging trainees to establish careers in cancer research. The award will be offered annually and will recognize a published paper that has a trainee as co or sole first author. Applications from trainees from all levels and cancer research disciplines will be considered. The Jen Johnston Prize is currently valued at $1,500 and will be presented at the annual BHCRI Workshop in May, where the recipient will give a platform presentation highlighting the published research. The award will alternate each year between discovery/fundamental, applied health (including population, psychosocial and behavioural) and clinical. Information on the recipient will be publicized on BHCRI’s website and social media platforms.

  • The 2022 award will be for discovery/fundamental research
  • 2023 – Applied Health (including population, psychosocial and behavioural)
  • 2024 - Clinical



This competition is open to all current CRTP trainees. The trainee can be at any level of training including, MSc, PhD, postdoctoral fellow or resident.

Please download the application form and guidelines.

The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022. 

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