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  • Tyler MacDonald, BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Dr. Catherine K. L. Too

Program of Study:

Master of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Project Title:

Prolactin/androgen inducible genes in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Scholarships and/or Awards:

  • Cancer Research Training Program (CRTP) Traineeship Award 2018
  • Graduate Studies Fellowship 2017-2018
  • Dalhousie In-course Scholarship 2016
  • First Class Honours in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 2013-2017
  • Dean’s List 2013-2017
  • Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship 2013

Career Aspirations:

After completing my Master’s degree at Dalhousie University, I wish to continue in pursue a PhD/MD, with the end-goal of becoming a clinical oncologist/clinician scientist focusing on breast and prostate cancer. 


Dalhousie University


MacDonald, T.M., Thomas, L.N., Daze, E., Barnes, P.J., Too, C.K.L. (2018). Prolactin-inducible EDD E3 ubiquitin ligase promotes anti-apoptotic gene expression and drug resistance in breast cancer cells (Submitted).

Thomas, L.N., MacDonald, T Daze, E., and Too, C.K.L. (In Preparation). EDD E3 ligase promotes survival of human breast cancer cells. 

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