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  • Thaneswary Rajanderan, BSc (Hons)


Dr. Kensuke Hirasawa

Program of Study:

PhD Candidate, Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Project Title:

Identification of novel IRF1-binding proteins through mass spectrometry and study their anti-cancer functions as potential therapeutic targets.

Scholarships and/or Awards:

  • Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Fellowship 2019/2020

Career Aspirations:

My cancer research journey began during my undergraduate degree as a student research assistant in Dr. Kensuke Hirasawa's lab studying cellular targets for oncolytic viruses. I continued my research to complete my honours thesis and eventually transitioned to a master's degree in immunology and infectious diseases in the same lab. A year into my graduate studies, I transferred to a Ph.D. program from a master's under Dr. Hirasawa and have been doing cancer research in his lab since. I aspire to continue cancer research by studying signalling pathways and identifying potential therapeutic targets. Eventually, I hope to use my scientific knowledge to help government and non-government organizations make cancer knowledge more accessible and weigh heavily in policy decisions. I believe in using the skills and knowledge we gain as trainees to not only advance meaningful cancer research but to inform and participate in science-based choices that affect our society. 

My current research involves using protein pull-down, mass spectrometry and western blots to identify IRF1 binding proteins as potential anti-cancer targets. Various signalling pathways, such as the Ras/MEK pathway and the GSK3-Beta pathway, regulate IRF1, which plays a role in the cellular progression of cancer and potential immune evasion mechanisms. By identifying how these pathways regulate IRF1, my goal is to target the proteins responsible for possible cancer immune therapeutic strategies.


Memorial University of Newfoundland
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