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  • Rahimeh Rasouli, PhD


Dr. Marya Ahmed

Program of Study:

Postdoctoral Fellow

Project Title:

Dual siRNA loaded nanoparticles for Breast Cancer Treatment

Career Aspirations:

To attain an academic position


University of Prince Edward Island


Rasouli, Rahimeh, et al. "99mTc-anionic linear globular dendrimer-G2-phenylalanine conjugate: Novel brain tumor SPECT imaging." Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 11.4 (2021): 11244-11255.

Rasouli, Rahimeh, and Niloofar Nazeri. "Glioma and Exosome." (2021).

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Rasouli, Rahimeh, et al. "Preparation and Evaluation of New LAT1-Targeted USPION to Improve Sensitivity and Specificity in Metabolic Magnetic Imaging of Breast Cancer." (2020).

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Shafaghi M, Maktoobian S, Rasouli R, Howaizi N, Ofoghi H, Ehsani P. Transient Expression of Biologically Active Anti-rabies Virus Monoclonal Antibody in Tobacco Leaves. Iranian Journal of Biotechnology. 2018 Apr;16(1)

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"99mTc-Anionic Linear Globular Dendrimer–G2-Phenylalanine Conjugate: Novel Brain Tumor SPECT imaging"  Rahimeh Rasouli, Mahmood Alaei-Beirami, Farzaaneh Zaaeri, Nasim Hashempour Alamdari, Hassan Ebrahimi Shahmabadi, Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi, Amir Darbandi-Azar, Mehdi Shafiee Ardestani 2018.

Rasouli, R., Saffari, M., Ebrahimi, S. E. S., Asaadi, A., & Shafiee, M. Gd 3-Asparagine Anionic Linear Globular Dendrimer Second Generation G2 Complexes: Novel Nano-Biohybrid Theranostics.  Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging · September 2017

Book Chapters:

Rasouli, R., & Barhoum, A. (2019). Advances in nanofibers for antimicrobial drug delivery. Handbook of Nanofibers, 733-774. 

Barhoum, A., Rasouli, R., Yousefzadeh, M., Rahier, H., & Bechelany, M. (2018). Nanofiber Technology: History and Developments. Handbook of Nanofibers, 1-42.

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