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Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute researchers work in a variety of scientific and clinical disciplines. Together, they are deciphering the mysteries of cancer, developing and testing new approaches to screening, prevention, treatment and cure, and improving the lives of people with cancer.

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BHCRI Researchers with profiles:

BHCRI Researchers who have not yet provided profiles:
Dr. Laleh Alisaraie
Dr. Tyler Bancroft
Dr. Thomas Belbin
Dr. James Bentley
Dr. Gillian Bethune
Dr. Alamelu Bharadwaj
Dr. Chris Blanchard
Dr. Jonathan Blay
Dr. Amanda Caissie
Dr. Bruce Crooks
Dr. Scott Edwards
Dr. Yassine El Hiani
Dr. Cynthia Forbes
Dr. John Frampton
Dr. Anirban Ghosh
Dr. Carman Giacomantonio
Dr. Laura Gillespie
Dr. Christopher Gray
Dr. Shashi Gujar
Dr. Rosemary Herbert
Dr. Weei-Yuan Huang
Dr. Robert Hurta
Dr. Kenneth Kao
Dr. Jong Sung Kim
Dr. Nathan Lamond
Dr. Brendan Leung
Dr. Daria Manos
Dr. Chelsea Martin  
Dr. Joy McCarthy
Dr. Deborah McLeod
Dr. Thalat Monajemi
Dr. Liam Mulroy
Dr. Alli Murugesan
Dr. Rodney Ouellette
Dr. Gary Paterno
Dr. Lynette Penney
Dr. Naga Prasad Puvvada
Dr. Tarek Rahmeh
Dr. James Robar
Dr. John Rohde
Dr. Jayme Salsman
Dr. Mike Sattarivand
Dr. Jai Shankar
Dr. Stephanie Snow
Ms. Judith Strickland
Dr. Marc Surette
Dr. Ellen Sweeney
Dr. S. Mark Taylor
Dr. Deependra Tyagi
Dr. Gabriel Wajnberg
Dr. Adrienne Weeks
Dr. Jason Williams
Dr. Terry-Lynn Young
If you are a cancer researcher in Atlantic Canada and would like to have your profile and research activity highlighted here, please visit the Membership page of our site  to access the application. Once you are an approved Senior Scientist or Associate Member of BHCRI, your profile information may be displayed here.
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