Dr. Touati Benoukraf, PhD


Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (tier 2) in Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine


Division of BioMedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Research interests:

Bioinformatics, computational biology, epigenetics, omics, DNA methylation, transcription factors, sequencing, colorectal cancer

Research Summary:

As a Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine, I am actively integrating mathematics, computer sciences, and molecular biology in my research. My focus is on integrating multi-omics dimensions into patients’ clinical information to unveil new mechanisms involved in cancer genesis, development, and drug resistance. To attain this objective, my team develops bioinformatics tools and sequencing protocols. Our aim is not only to advance knowledge but also to broaden the application of individual omics profiles. Ultimately, our goals revolve around gaining a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms and discovering targeted, personalized treatments.

What brought you to your current institution? I was recruited to Memorial University from the National University of Singapore as a Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine.

Hometown: Aups, France

Why are you interested in your area of research? As a bioinformatician and molecular biologist, I am deeply engaged in large-scale data analysis. The dynamic field of cancer biology, where extensive datasets like sequencing, imaging, and clinical information play a pivotal role, captivates my interest. I am eager to contribute to disease research by applying my expertise in data analysis. The convergence of advanced technology and the quest to understand diseases, particularly cancer, fuels my commitment to unraveling molecular complexities for improved patient outcomes.

Learn More about my research: https://benoukraf-lab.com

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

I am a Senior Scientist with BHCRI since 2024.