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  • Jodi Langley, MSc, B.Kin


Dr. Melanie Keats


Dr. Grace Warner

Program of Study:

PhD in Health

Project Title:

Physical exercise in early palliative care in advanced and non-curable cancer: The role of the clinicians in assessing, advising, and referring patients to supportive exercise programs and the acceptance of these program from patients, caregivers, and key stakeholders

Career Aspirations:

My future plans are to assist in developing, implementing and evaluating exercise-based palliative care interventions across Nova Scotia. This work is important and highly relevant to cancer research given an increasing number of individuals living with non-curative disease and the lack of tailored exercise for these individuals


Dalhousie University


Cassidy, C., Langley, J., Steenbeek, A., Taylor, B., Kennie-Kaulbach, N., Grantmyre, H., ... & Isenor, J. (2021). A Behavioral analysis of nurses’ and pharmacists’ role in addressing vaccine hesitancy: scoping review. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 1-18.

Cassidy, C., Stratton, L., Taylor, B., Steenbeek, A., Langley, J., & Isenor, J. (2021). Characterizing nurses’ and pharmacists’ role in addressing vaccine hesitancy and/or refusal: A scoping review protocol.

Little, J. P., Langley, J., Lee, M., Myette-Côté, E., Jackson, G., Durrer, C., ... & Jung, M. E. (2019). Sprint exercise snacks: a novel approach to increase aerobic fitness. European journal of applied physiology119(5), 1203-1212.

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