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  • Jasmine Barra, PhD


Dr. Shashi Gujar

Program of Study:

Postdoctoral Fellow, Pathology

Project Title:

The Lnc to potentiate cancer-killing viruses

Scholarships and/or Awards:

  • Cancer Research Training Program (CRTP) Traineeship Award 2021
  • RNA Society Poster Award - 25th Annual RNA Society Meeting, 2020
  • RNA Society Travel Grant - 25th Annual RNA Society Meeting, 2020
  • FWO Travel Grant 2020 (BELGIUM)
  • Kom op Tegen Kanker - Emmanuel van der Schueren fellowship, 2018 (BELGIUM)
  • EACR Travel Fellowship 2018 (DENMARK)
  • Broaden your horizon travel grant (FRANCE)
  • Mobility Grant 2015 (NORWAY)
  • VIB International PhD Fellowship (2014-2018) (BELGIUM)
  • ERASMUS Fellowship 2012 (DENMARK)


Dalhousie University


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Barra J., Gaidosh G. S., Blumenthal E., Beckedorff F., Tayari M. M., Kirstein N., … Marine, J.-C. (2020). Integrator restrains paraspeckles assembly by promoting isoform switching of the lncRNA NEAT1. Science Advances, 6(27), 1–16. doi:10.1126/sciadv.aaz9072

De Troyer L., Zhao P., Pastor T., Baietti M. F., Barra J., Vendramin R., … Sablina, A. A. (2020). Stress-induced lncRNA LASTR fosters cancer cell fitness by regulating the activity of the U4/U6 recycling factor SART3. Nucleic Acids Research, 48(5), 2502–2517. doi:10.1093/nar/gkz1237

Barra J. & Leucci E. (2017). Probing long non-coding RNA-protein interactions. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 4(45), 1–10. doi:10.3389/fmolb.2017.00045

Olvedy M., Tisserand J. C., Luciani F., Boeckx B., Wouters J., Lopez S., Rambow F., Aibar S., Thienpont B., Barra J., …Marine, J. C. (2017). Comparative oncogenomics identifies tyrosine kinase FES as a tumor suppressor in melanoma. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 127(6). doi:10.1172/JCI91291

Adriaens C.*, Standaert L.*, Barra J., Latil M., Verfaillie A., Kalev P., … Marine, J. C. (2016). P53 induces formation of NEAT1 lncRNA-containing paraspeckles that modulate replication stress response and chemosensitivity. Nature Medicine, 22(8), 861–868. doi:10.1038/nm.4135

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