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  • Jae Ho Han, BSc, MD


Dr. Adrienne Weeks


Dr. Jeremy Roy

Program of Study:

MSc, Medical Neuroscience, Neurosurgery Residency

Project Title:

Modelling extracellular vesicles in patient plasma and organotypic-derived cultures for predicting recurrence or progression of astrocytomas

Career Aspirations:

My career objective is to complete the Neurosurgery residency training program at Dalhousie University leading to the designation of Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada; Complete subspecialty fellowships in anterior or combined skull base and obtain employment as a subspecialized neurosurgeon-scientist in an academic hospital in Canada (hopefully in the Maritimes). I am motivated to contribute to the knowledge-base around skull base pathologies, traumatic brain injury, and cancers of the central nervous system, to improve the lives of individuals with these conditions. I am also eager to educate the next generation of medical students, residents and share research discoveries with the greater neuroscience community.

Recently, I have gained acceptance into the Clinical Investigator program at Dalhousie University to support my pursuits in basic science research in the field of medical neuroscience and cancer biology. This research program under the supervision of Dr. Adrienne Weeks will allow me to focus on the neurobiology of tumours of the central nervous system, especially that of high-grade gliomas. It will also allow me to gain the important knowledge around becoming a successful, effective research scientist, needed to support my career aspirations. Collaboration will be made possible with supporting staff of the Weeks lab and collaborating scientists including Dr. Jeremy Roy from the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute in New Brunswick. The two-year research project will draw on my experience as a basic scientist from my Honours research in the field Biochemistry and Molecular biology and on my clinical knowledge obtained throughout my Neurosurgery residency training. Completion of the program will result in a Master’s thesis defence of my relevant research findings and a Masters of Science degree in Medical neuroscience.


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