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  • Interdisciplinary Learning Project/Collaborative Grant

BHCRI Cancer Research Training Program Interdisciplinary Learning Project/Collaborative Grant

Interdisciplinary learning is woven through all aspects of the Cancer Research Training Program. The IDL allows trainees to gain exposure to and understand the value of all disciplines in cancer care and research. Trainees have an opportunity to apply for a small research grant to support an interdisciplinary learning project. The goal of the interdisciplinary learning project is to provide trainees with a unique opportunity to expand their areas of research interest in a structured way, under the supervision of a mentor and in collaboration with one or more trainees from different disciplines. Knowledge dissemination from the projects could include the development and distribution of an information brochure for people living with cancer; an article for publication, preparation of an educational newsletter or presentation for people living with cancer, etc. 

The Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute offers collaborative research grants to students in the Cancer Research Training Program. Each application will have a minimum two applicants, one of which must be a CRTP trainee based at Dalhousie University working collaboratively with a trainee in a different department and discipline. Co-applicants from a different institution in Atlantic Canada are encouraged. Only new projects will be considered. Continuations of previously funded projects will not be considered in this competition.

Please download the application form and guidelines. Up to five awards are available (maximum $3,000 each).

Application Deadline: January 14, 2022

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