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  • Dr. Sidney E. Croul, MD, FRCPC


Professor, Dalhousie University 
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Division of Anatomical Pathology

Research Interests:

Neuro-Oncology, Glioma Genetics

I am a diagnostic Neuropathologist with research interest in both biobanking and molecular diagnostics of brain tumors. 

  • As a Biobanker, I  teamed up with Dr. Zhaolin Xu to create the NSHA-Dalhousie Biobank. The QEII Foundation provided start-up funding for this first institutional Biobank and I am currently seeking additional grant funds. In its first year, the Biobank has grown significantly and currently contains collections of lung, breast, nervous system, pancreatic and hematologic malignancies. I look forward to the Biobank’s continued growth both in the quantity of specimens in the current collections and the addition of new collections. The Biobank will provide significant opportunities for Canadian and international clinical research.
  • My experimental brain tumor research has profiled both adult gliomas and pediatric medulloblastomas. Currently, I am developing a next generation sequencing chip capable of detecting major molecular abnormalities in a glioma as a single assay.  I hope that the novel test will establish NSHA as a reference testing center for gliomas within the next year.

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Sidney E. Croul is an Associate Member


(902) 473-3156



Room 635-B, 6th Floor, DJ Mackenzie Building 5788 University Avenue Halifax, NS B3H 1V8


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