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  • Dr. Sara FL Kirk, PhD


Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research; Professor, School of Health and Human Performance


Cross-appointment with the IWK Health Centre; Adjunt Professor, University of New Brunswick; Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta; Adjunct Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University

Research Interests:

Nutrition, obesity management and prevention, population health, applied health services and policy research, social-ecological approaches to health, population health intervention research, cancer prevention. 

A weight on our health

Sara Kirk’s research program (Applied Research Collaborations for Health: ARCH) uses a social-ecological approach to understand lifestyle factors influencing health status and health services utilization, particularly in relation to excessive weight gain (obesity). With rates of obesity in Atlantic Canada among the highest in the country, her research is exploring how obesity impacts on health outcomes, as well as how our environment helps or hinders us to make healthy choices.

Membership Status:

Dr. Kirk is a BHCRI Senior Scientist and has served on the BHCRI Development Board.


(902) 494 8440



Applied Research Collaborations for Health, School of Health and Human Performance, 1318 Robie Street, Dalhousie University, Halifax


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