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  • Dr. Mark Joseph Filiaggi, PhD


Professor & Chair, Department of Applied Oral Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry
Cross-Appointments: School of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Radiology
Dalhousie University


Affiliated Scientist, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, QEII Health Sciences Centre

Research Interests:

Biomaterials, biomedical devices, drug delivery

Novel and Potentially Multifunctional Chemotherapeutic Delivery Vehicles

Our research program is focused on the development of novel biomaterials and biomedical devices, with an emphasis on polyphosphate processing approaches that facilitate localized delivery of therapeutic agents, including anticancer drugs. Targeted applications include hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), a challenging and often palliative condition for which chemotherapeutic agent delivery directly to the location of the tumor (and minimizing its impact on noncancerous cells) is being considered in conjunction with blocking of the tumor’s blood supply. 

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Mark Joseph Filiaggi is an Associate Member


(902) 832-0256




Room 5192 Dentistry Building, 5981 University Avenue, PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2


C Pierlot, L Kiri, K MacDonald, B Dickey, E Valiant, M Chagnon, M Assad, MJ Filiaggi, and D Boyd. A pilot evaluation of an aluminum-free glass ionomer cement using a sub-chronic osseous defect model in New Zealand white rabbits, submitted Materials Letters 2016, 184:301-304.

EM Valliant, BT Dickey, R Price, D Boyd, and MJ Filiaggi. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy as a tool to study the setting reaction in glass-ionomer cements, Materials Letters 2016, 185: 256-259.

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A Momeni, M Filiaggi. Rheology of polyphosphate coacervates. Journal of Rheology 2016, 60(1): 25-34.

PA Comeau and MJ Filiaggi. Structural analysis of xSrO-(50-x)CaO-50P2O5 glasses with x= 0 – 10 mol% for potential use in a local delivery system for osteomyelitis treatment. Materials Science & Engineering: Part C (Materials for Biological Applications) 2016, 58:639-47.

A Momeni, EM Valliant, PA Comeau, MJ Filiaggi. Developing an in situ forming polyphosphate coacervate as a new liquid embolic agent: From experimental design to pilot animal study. Acta Biomaterialia 2016, 32: 286-297.

JD Padmos, M Langman, K MacDonald, P Comeau, Z Yang, MJ Filiaggi, and P Zhang. Correlating the atomic structure of bimetallic silver-gold nanoparticles to their antibacterial and cytotoxic activities, Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C, 2015, 119 (13): 7472-7482.

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