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  • Dr. Keith R. Brunt, PhD


Associate Professor Pharmacology, Dalhousie University
Adjunct Professor Business, University of New Brunswick


Translational Scientist, New Brunswick Heart Centre
Chief Scientific Officer, NBBM Inc.

Research Interests:

Translational Medicine, Nanomedicine, Heme Metabolism

Our research program is interested in quality of life improvements for patients living with or after cancer. We seek to maximize the efficacy of chemotherapeutic strategies, while minimizing the stress on healthy cells and organ systems. The heart is particularly susceptible to stress during many forms of cancer treatments. The field of study to protect the heart during treatment is called cardioncology.  Our approach is to create new or improved diagnostics and therapeutics using nanotechnology platforms. We aim to improve earlier detection of cancer metabolism through chemical fingerprinting and improve cancer-cell specific targeting of chemotherapy using nanotechnologies. Our goal is to tackle the frustrations of oncologists and patients to develop collaborative and disruptive innovations across disciplines that serve the interests of the patients quality of life.

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Keith Brunt is an Associate Member




DMNB, 100 Tucker Park Road, Saint John, NB, Canada, E2E 6B7



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