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  • Dr. Judith Read Guernsey, MSc, PhD


Full Professor, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University; Cross Appointment, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University


Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine

Research Interests:

Environmental Public Health, Health and Livelihoods of Rural and Remote Communities: Housing and Health; Methods for Assessing Exposure to Toxic Substances 

Dr. Guernsey’s research has aimed to characterize exposures, including carcinogens and carcinogenic mechanisms, in hazardous living and working conditions in Canada and globally, using epidemiological and environmental assessment methods.  She has collaborated with bench researchers to examine associations between genetic polymorphisms of Phase I and II metabolizing enzymes and the role of p450 in estrone oxidation associated with carcinogenesis and to quantify contaminants in air and water. 

Membership Status:

Dr. Judith Read Guernsey is an Associate Member


(902) 494-1767



Clinical Centre for Research, 5790 University Avenue, room 413, Halifax NS B3H 1V7


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