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  • Dr. Jennifer Payne, PhD


Associate Professor, Dept of Diagnostic Radiology, Dalhousie
Adjunct Appointment, Dept of Community Health & Epidemiologist, Dalhousie
Affiliated Scientist, Nova Scotia Health Authority
Affiliated Scientist, IWK Health Centre


Senior Epidemiologist, Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program

Research Interests:

Breast imaging, breast screening, breast cancer, health services utilization

Breast Screening in Nova Scotia

My work focuses on understanding the use of breast imaging services in Nova Scotia, with a specific focus on breast screening, in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program.  We need to better understand how screening plays a role in the diagnosis of breast cancer.  It is important to ensure that all women in the province have access to the same standard of care.  

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Jennifer Payne is an Associate Member





1276 South Park Street, Room 3016 Victoria South, Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9


Impact of Detection Method and Age on Survival Outcomes in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Population-Based Cohort Analysis.
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Rayson D, Payne JI, Michael JCR, Abdolell M, Tsuruda K, Barnes PJ, The impact of detection method and age on survival outcomes in triple-negative breast cancer: a population-based cohort analysis.  Clinical Breast Cancer (in press).

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