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  • Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan, BA, MA, PhD


Full Professor of Health Promotion and Head of the Health Promotion Division, School of Health and Human Performance, Faculty of Health Professions, Dalhousie University
Cross appointments with Dalhousie University’s Community Health and Epidemiology, International Development Studies, Gender Studies, Occupational Therapy, and Nursing.


Affiliate Member of the European Union Centre for Excellence, the Health Law Institute at Dalhousie University and the Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre

Research Interests:

Community Health, Public Health, Health Promotion, Health Policies, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Cancer, Social Determinants of Health , Gender-based analysis, Harm reduction, Health Equity, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ Health, Program evaluation, Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Sexual health, Vulnerable populations, Women's health

Moving Towards Health Equity

Dr. Gahagan’s programme of research centers on health equity among marginalized populations from a determinants of health perspective. Her work focuses on the health outcomes of members of LGBTQ communities and other gender minoritized populations. One of her currently funded study explores the unique experiences of LBQ women and trans people in relation to breast and gynecologic cancers. The study, Cancer’s Margins, seeks to better understand what informs cancer health knowledge-seeking and decision-making by sexual and/or gender minority cancer patients, care network members and their healthcare providers. Dr. Gahagan’s research also includes gender-based analyses of health policies and programs. For more information on the study, please visit the national site:

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Gahagan is a BHCRI Associate Member




School of Health and Human Performance, Stairs House, 6230 South Street, P.O. Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2 Canada
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