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  • Dr. Etienne Hébert Chatelain, PhD


Assistant Professor, Biology, Department of Biology, Université de Moncton


Université de Moncton

Research Interests:

Mitochondria, cellular signaling, Phosphoproteome, Src kinase, Breast cancer

Targeting the mitochondrial phosphoproteome in cancer

Phosphorylation of mitochondrial proteins emerged as a powerful regulation pathway of cellular homeostasis. My team aims to understand the importance of these processes in the development of different pathologies including breast cancer. Notably, we focus on intra-mitochondrial Src kinase which is hyperactivated in several types of cancer. The characterization of the mitochondrial phosphoproteome in different models of cancer will allow my team to establish these events as therapeutic targets for breast cancer.  

Membership Status:

Dr. Etienne Hébert Chatelain is an Associate Member


(506) 858-4452



Pavillon Rémi-Rossignol, Université de Moncton, 18 Av. Antonine-Maillet, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, E1A 3E9


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