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  • Dr. Denis J. Dupré, PhD


Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology


Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University

Research Interests:

G protein coupled receptors, chemokines, signal transduction, protein-protein interaction, signaling complex assembly, trafficking and chaperones involved in assembly

Understanding how chemokine receptors contribute to cancer development and metastasis

90% of cancer mortality is associated with the spread of tumor cells. Several cellular factors have been shown to be important for metastasis, including proteins at the surface of tumor cells like CXCR4. In the Dupré lab, we identify and characterize proteins that change the way CXCR4 produces signals, with the goal of identifying new anti-metastasis drug targets.

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Dupré is a BHCRI Senior Scientist


(902) 494-2550


Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, Dalhousie University, 5850 College Street, P.O. Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
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