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  • Dr. Melanie Keats, PhD


Associate Professor, School of Health and Human Performance (Division of Kinesiology), Dalhousie University


02/2018 – present Affiliate Scientist Division of Medical Oncology, Nova Scotia Health Authority
01/2009 – present Scientific Staff, Izzak Walton Killam Health Center

Research Interests:

Exercise oncology; cancer survivorship; late-effects; interventions; implementation science

Dr. Keats’ program of research focuses on exploring the role of physical activity and related modifiable lifestyle behaviors across the cancer continuum. Dr. Keats is the Scientific lead of ACCESS (Activating Cancer Communities through an Exercise Strategy for Survivors) the Nova Scotia based physical activity study for cancer survivors. 

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Keats is a BHCRI Senior Scientist, a member of the BHCRI Training Committee and has presented at a BHCRI Seminar Series.


(902) 494-7173



Stairs House, Dalhousie University, 6230 South Street, Halifax, NS, Canada, B3H 4R2


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