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  • Dr. Kensuke Hirasawa, PhD


Associate Professor, Memorial University, St. John's


Division of BioMedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Research Interests:

Interferon, cellular signaling pathways, Ras/MEK, transcriptional regulators

Interferons (IFNs), which are produced inducibly by most cells in the body, have been used with clinical success in the treatment of several different types of cancers. However, the presence of cancer cells resistant to IFNs often reduces the treatment efficacy. We study aspects of the cancer cellular environment that reduce IFN’s efficacy to activate the antitumor machinery. Our research should provide a novel insight into the future development of effective IFN treatment to fight against cancer.

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Dr. Hirasawa is a BHCRI Senior Scientist and has been a supervisor for a CRTP trainee.


(709) 777-8291


Room 1810, Health Sciences Centre, 300 Prince Philip Dr., St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada A1B 3V6
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