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  • Daniel Medina-Luna, BSc


Dr. Andrew P. Makrigiannis

Program of Study:

MSc in Microbiology and Immunology

Project Title:

NK cell memory response in cancer immunotherapy

Scholarships and/or Awards:

  • Cancer Research Training Program (CRTP) Traineeship Award 2019
  • DMRF CIBC Graduate Studentship in Cancer Immunotherapies 2019
  • Research NS Scotia Scholars Award 2019
  • MITACS- Globalink Graduate Fellowship 2018 
  • MITACS-Globalink Research Internship  2017 

Career Aspirations:

I am interested in the interaction between immunology and cancer and in novel approaches to improve current immunotherapies. Following completion of my graduate degree, I plan to continue in the cancer immunotherapy research field and hope that my research will be translated into better future treatments.


Dalhousie University


Medina-Luna D, Santamaria-Olmedo MG, Zamudio-Cuevas Y. et al. Hyperlipidemic microenvironment conditions damage mechanisms in human chondrocytes by oxidative stress. Lipids in Health and Diseases. 2017 Jun 12;16(1):114.

Zamudio-Cuevas Y, Fernandez-Torres J, Martinez-Nava AG, Martinez-Flores K, Ramirez-Olvera A, Medina-Luna D, et al. Monosodium urate crystal phagocytosis by human synoviocytes induces inflammation. Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2019 Jan 23 (accepted). 

Lopez-Reyes A, Clavijo-Cornejo D, Fernandez-Torres J, Medina-Luna D, et al. Fast morphological gallbladder changes triggered by a hypercholesterolemic diet. Annals of Hepatology 2018 Aug 24;17(5):857-863.

Zamudio-Cuevas Y, Martinez-Flores K, Fernandez-Torres J, Loissell-Baltazar YA, Medina-Luna D, et al. Monosodium urate crystals induce oxidative stress in human synoviocytes. Arthritis Research and Therapy. 2016 May 21;18(1):11

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