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  • Courtni Soucy, BScKin, MSc Candidate

Research Interests:

Physical function, quality of life, exercise, physical activity, breast cancer, exercise as adjuvant treatment.

My research involves determining if there is variability in scores on common physical function test scores for breast cancer patients who are participating in a 12-week exercise program. This area of research as it relates to cancer is interesting to me because physical function is an integral part of daily life, as well as a patients quality of life. More survivors are living after their diagnosis and I believe it’s important to discover true change within the research we conduct with physical function and exercise programs. 

Hometown: Grand Falls, New Brunswick

What brought you to your current institution? After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of New Brunswick, I knew I wanted to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. Upon exploring master’s programs, I decided that I really wanted to work under the supervision of Dr. Danielle Bouchard. She is an incredibly driven and hard-working woman in research that I look up to.

Involvement with BHCRI to date:

Courtni Soucy is a BHCRI Student Member


University of New Brunswick
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