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  • Canadian Cancer Society’s Emerging Scholar Awards Announced

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Emerging Scholar Awards have just been announced and BHCRI is thrilled to share that three of our members are recipients of these awards!

These five-year awards of up to $120,000 per year will help establish “promising early career scientists and clinician scientists from across Canada with a focused commitment to undertaking cancer research.”

Congratulations to:

Marya Ahmed, University of Prince Edward Island – Dr. Ahmed is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and an Associate member of BHCRI.  The goal of Dr. Ahmed’s Emerging Scholar Award project is to develop smart, degradable peptide-based carriers for the delivery of treatment in breast cancer tumours. “The CCS Emerging Scholar Award is the first key step to pursue my career in cancer research. This award has provided me with the platform to explore unique and multidisciplinary approaches for the treatment of aggressive forms of breast cancer.” Garland, Memorial University – Dr. Garland is a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Senior Scientist with BHCRI.  Dr. Garland’s research will focus on the development and evaluation of a mobile application called iCANSleep to treat insomnia in cancer survivors. For Dr. Garland, this support “will fast-track my ability to improve the lives of people impacted by cancer in Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond, by supporting innovative survivorship research and training the next generation of leaders.”


Shashi Gujar, Dalhousie University – Dr. Gujar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Scientist with BHCRI.  Dr. Gujar’s lab specializes in using oncolytic (cancer-killing) viruses, that not only can selectively identify and kill cancer cells, but also educate patient’s own immune system to develop protective antitumor immunity. “This award will be hugely important in advancing my cancer research program and professional development.” Through this project, Dr. Gujar hopes to discover a novel cancer immunotherapy approach to effectively target cancers.


BHCRI provided support for these applicants by through rigorous internal peer review, where applicants had an opportunity to discuss feedback directly with the review panel. Thank you to review panel members and mentors Craig McCormick, Robin Urquhart, Xu Zhang, Christine Chambers, Paola Marcato, Dan Gaston for supporting these emerging scholars!

Learn more about these awards by visiting the Canadian Cancer Society’s website

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