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  • BHCRI Announces September 2020 CRTP Award Recipients

With the generous support of our partner organizations, the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute is pleased to introduce the newest recipients of Cancer Research Training Program awards.  Twenty-six applications were submitted for funding, with ten approved. 

Since inception in 2009, the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute (BHCRI) has awarded over $6.5M in stipend support to over 170 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and medical residents in Atlantic Canada.  BHCRI supports all types of cancer research. Cancers being investigated by this group of trainees include: Multiple myeloma, breast cancer, Lung cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Ovarian cancer and kidney cancer.

Expert Review

Applications were reviewed by an interdisciplinary expert review committee comprised of BHCRI members representing our diverse geography and disciplines. Reviewers rank applications based on the training and track record of the applicant, the research environment and the research proposal and its relevance to cancer.  BHCRI thanks the members of the Scientific Review Panel for their significant time and effort in reviewing these applications. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute is committed to diversity in all aspects of its operation, including our people and our support of the full spectrum of cancer research.  BHCRI recognizes that many groups are under-represented in research.  We are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in research, and strive for diversity on all of our committees, panels and any events that we organize or plan.

Our Congratulations

We invite you to learn more about the research projects being supported by clicking on the project title.

Dr. Raj Pranap Arun, Department of Pathology, Dalhousie University – “The role of GABA signaling in breast cancer stem cells and metastasis”

Sam Cutler, Department of Pathology, Dalhousie University –  “Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for Clinically Relevant Genomic Interrogation of Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Xiaoyang Liu, Departments of Pediatrics and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University – “Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying ErbB2/Her2-dependent breast cancer progression”

Jordan Lukacs, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University - “Combining engineered oncolytic viruses and NKT cell immunotherapy in cancer control

Adam Nelson, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University - “Combined oncolytic virotherapy and immunotherapy in a spontaneous model of pancreatic cancer

Sarah Nersesian, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University - “Determining the prognostic value of natural killer cell infiltration in ovarian cancer

Patric Page, Department of Biology, Université de Moncton - “Evaluating the role of miR 2355-5p in VHL-inactivated Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma”

Yunnuo Shi, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University - “A regulatory role of Receptor of activated protein C kinase 1 in lung cancer apoptosis

Tharindu Lakshan Suraweera, Department of Food, Plant and Environmental Sciences, Dalhousie University - “A dietary approach for cancer prevention: Understanding the genoprotective mechanisms of flavonoids using cell models of carcinogen-induced DNA damage”

Andrea Tomko, Department of Pharmacology, Dalhousie University - “Investigating the anticancer effects of flavonoids found in Cannabis in paclitaxel resistant preclinical models of breast cancer and their role in mediating drug resistance mechanisms”


Thank you to our partners.  Together, we are doing great things.

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