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  • Mohsen Aziz Pouri Aghdam, BSc. (Hons.)


Dr. Scott A. Grandy

Program of Study:

MSc, Kinesiology

Project Title:

Investigating the neurophysiological outcomes of Postoperative Resistance Exercise Intervention for Patients following Grade II and III Astrocytoma treatment: A Quasi-randomised Trial

Career Aspirations:

I am looking forward to continuing health-related research throughout my career and contributing to the growing literature on improving the quality of life among chronically ill and clinical populations. My goal is to become a healthcare professional and continue my research in cancer survivor recovery. Meanwhile, I am working towards obtaining the training required to teach post-secondary students. As a future healthcare professional, I will maintain my involvement in health-related research and use my education and experience to assist future professionals in implementing practices that ensure the optimum quality of care. I aspire to serve my community and all cancer survivors through advocacy. Furthermore, I would like to help implement programs aiming to improve quality of life for all individuals.


Dalhousie University
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