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  • Integrated Learning Session

Small group, problem-based learning is very effective for learning about complex problems where various perspectives are required to understand and address the issue. The format also assures relevance of the problems to all participants, and to some aspect of their everyday work. These sessions also involve active discussion and articulation of ideas, which are broadened by the input of a variety of perspectives.

All sessions are scheduled on Fridays from 3:00pm-5:00pm (Jan-Jun) in room 2-L7, second floor, Sir Charles Tupper Building Link, 5850 College Street, Halifax and via videoconference for out of province CRTP trainees. Videoconference locations are as follows:

•   Dalhousie Halifax –2L3, Second Floor, Tupper Link
•   Georges Dumont Hospital — CHUDGLD - Sous-sol de l’Auberge Rm 012
•   MUN – Meeting Room 4 (H2988)
•   UNB Fredericton – 010 MacLaggan room 
•   Dalhousie Truro –Room 211, Cox Building
•   CBU – B260-C
•   UNB St. John – DMNB Saint John 266

Session dates for 2016-2017, subject to change, are as follows:


October 28 —  Cancelled

December 9 — Dr. Jason Berman, Dr. Gerry Johnston, Dr. Michael Johnston


February 24 — Dr. Zhaolin Xu, Dr. Michael Johnston and Dr. Daniel Gaston

April 28 — Dr. Sheila K. Singh


Further details will be posted on the events page as they become available.

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