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  • Calem Kenward, BSc, Biochemistry & Chemistry


Dr. David Langelaan

Program of Study:

MSc, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Project Title:

Characterization of Structure, Function, and Anti-Cancer Activity of Fungal Hydrophobins

Scholarships and/or Awards:

  • Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Graduate Studentship 2018
  • Cancer Research Training Program (CRTP) Traineeship Award 2018
  • 20th Meeting of The International Society of Magnetic Resonance Poster Award 2017
  • 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition Poster Award 2016
  • Loblaws Foundation Scholarship 2014
  • Johnson Foundation Renewable Scholarship 2013-2017

Career Aspirations:

Using the experience gained from his co-op in the area of anti-cancer vaccinations and from his combined honours in biochemistry and chemistry using 19F NMR spectroscopy to study the activity of GCPRs, Calem is pursuing his M.Sc. in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to further study unique fungal hydrohphobin proteins. Upon completion of his degree Calem is hoping to continue his research in industry, or in academia as he pursues his Ph.D. focusing on the biophysical characterization of proteins.


Dalhousie University


Shin, K., Chapman, N.A., Sarker, M., Kenward, C., Huang, S.K., Weatherbee-Martin, N., Pandey, A., Dupré, D.J. and Rainey, J.K., (2017) Bioactivity of the putative apelin proprotein expands the repertoire of apelin receptor ligands. Biochim Biophys Acta - General Subjects 1861:1901-1912 

Shin, K., Kenward, C. and Rainey, J.K., (2017) Apelinergic system structure and function Compr Physiol - In press

Kenward, C., Shin, K. and Rainey, J.K., (2017) Fluorotryptophan Mixtures as a Tool to Expand Versatility of 19F Protein NMR Spectroscopy Chem Eur J - Under review

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